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Pasture, Prairie & Range Licks

We offer four complete free choice pre-mixes containing macro and trace minerals, vitamins, kelp,probiotics, enzymes and Dyna-MinClay. (See labels for complete list of ingredients.) The calcium and phosphorus ratios (Ca:P) are different in each lick. We offer a 2:1, a 1.5:1. a 1:1, and a 1:2. The desired ratio of these two elements depends on the soil, the forage and special needs during pregnancy. Your animals can intuitively balance their nutritional needs. All you need to do is provide two licks, the 2:1 and the 1:2. Or, if you can only provide one lick,

make a choice based on your pasture- 1.5:1 for predominantly

grass pastures or 1:1 for predominantly legume pastures.

Aqua-Nox Stock Saver
Highly soluble kelp powder for stress associated with shipping, weaning, birthing, weather extremes, illness and parasites


Desert Dyna-Min
Colloidal & Ionic Trace Mineral that has been improving animal health for over 65 years


Native Lick
Kelp’s prehistoric cousin from several sea mineral deposits


A High Sulfur Blend for Livestock

PC Premix
A high Copper, Sulfur blend that can be put out free choice for livestock 


Vitamin A,D &E Supplement for seasonal deficiencies, drought conditions or when feed is less than optimal


Poultry Nature-Lytes
Fortify your feed and expect healthy, strong egg production, increased feed conversion and optimal immune function


Whole Hog Sow  


Whole Hog Grower/Finisher

Fortify feed for uniform litter sizes, better feed utilization and  immune support


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