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Our remedy line was developed in 1979 with the intention of providing conventional and ecologically oriented livestock farmers with cost-effective, results based, natural products- formulated to address livestock health, production and reproduction. Concerns about drug residues in meat and milk were a driving force behind the creation of our effective, natural alternatives to antibiotics, steroids, parasiticides, insecticides, antiseptics, hormones and other pharmaceuticals.

Our Grazier’s Essentialstm mineral line for grazing livestock was developed in 2010.  We offer complete mineral and vitamin licks, corrective/therapeutic formulas and native and naturally occurring mined minerals. Some are designed to be incorporated into finished feed, such as the poultry and swine mixes.  The others can be mixed into finished feed but work very well when offered free choice in a weather protected container. 

In 2013, our equine line was launched which now accounts for the largest percent of our company’s growth. That’s a testament to how powerful these products are for working, driving, racing or pleasure horses. There’s just three products but you won’t need much more for optimal over-all health, performance, endurance, fertility, immunity and digestion.

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