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Agri-Dynamics has been a leader in the sustainable agriculture arena for almost forty years. Our current product line includes remedies for dairy animals, free-choice minerals for grazing livestock, including horses and liquid nutritional products for all crops, including fruit, vegetable, row crops and pasture. Our products are available through distributors who adhere to the same principles our business was founded on. We believe that the true health of our planet, its inhabitants and the food they eat depends on the health of the soil. Our products are designed to complement a whole systems approach where nature is the greatest teacher and example. 

Meet the Team

Regina Marinelli

General Manager/Owner

Christoper Evans

Operations Assistant

Customer Service

Jonathan Zeiset


Lawrence Mayhew

Product Development

Regina Marinelli has more than a fifteen year association with Agri-Dynamics and over time has assumed many different responsibilities.  She is currently a co-owner and a “hands-on” manager of all aspects of this diverse and growing business, which means there’s a good chance she’ll be at the other end of your phone call. “My most important job is to continue to cultivate the relationships that Jerry forged. It’s an honor to continue the connections he made with so many other pioneers in sustainable agriculture.”  When away from the office, Regina enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new destinations and she is always looking for something new to learn or explore, especially from the seat of her bicycle.

Christopher Evans graduated Penn State University with a B.S. in agricultural science and a minor in international agriculture. He presently fulfills the position of operations assistant at Agri-Dynamics and provides customer and sales support.  Christopher enjoys every opportunity to learn more about natural systems and there’s a good chance of finding him at tradeshows, manning our booth and promoting the advantages of our product lines.  Christopher enjoys conversing in Spanish whenever the opportunity arises, growing and propagating subtropical/tropical plants in Pennsylvania and Florida and has a propensity to track and chase severe weather events.

Jonathan Zeiset has been engaged with biological and organic farming since the turn of the century. His business is Zeiset Ag Consulting & Sales and Jonathan and several consultants under his direction primarily focus on helping farmers improve their soil and crop production. Jonathan enjoys working with Agri-Dynamics as a consultant, helping our farmers and gardeners better understand how our liquid line for plants can improve their farming practices.  “Let Your Food Be Your Medicine was always Jerry’s motto. I am excited to help carry on Jerrys vision. We can help you produce food as medicine with Jerry’s formulated liquid product line!  I enjoy working with Nature, God’s Creation”.  Jonathan lives in Central PA where he farms organically and  he enjoys  working and walking around his farm with his wife and children. 

Lawrence Mayhew is a product developer of natural mineral products for agriculture, specializing in the application of humic substances and protocols for their analysis.  He uses his knowledge of chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry to provide a science based approach to develop effective sustainable products for agriculture. His goal is to help anyone interested in ridding the world of the nonsensically toxic chemicals used in agriculture. 

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